Tips for Buying a First Holy Communion Dress

Check online and make a list  where to go for Communion Dress shopping - local boutiques, online shops and big department stores. Many shops now have a selection of dresses available displayed on their website. Ensure the  website is  belonging to an established designer or shop if buying online.  There are many new websites popping up offering cut price communion dresses. Theses sites advertise the images of the original designers and copy the dresses. However the copy is usually a very poor attempt of the original and can often take weeks to arrive.


Be familiar with the sizing.  All children are age 8 making their first holy communion but the size you buy will depend on their chest size.  Different labels use different sizing but in general size 7 measures about 26" around the chest and size 8 measures 27".  There are no rules about the length of the dress  but in general they are worn ankle or ballet length.  Dresses are seldom worn full length,


The buying season starts in November but many  parents will shop during the month of January and most will have bought by the middle of February.If you have a doubt about a dress do not feel under pressure to buy it even if you are assured it may be gone.  There will always be another one however on the other hand if you do find the perfect dress which you and your daughter both are very happy with, it is advisable to go ahead and get it.


Go to a shop that has a complete range of communion accessories - tiara,veil, bolero, gloves, bag and shoes.  It is good to try on the accessories with the dress to see what looks best.  There are no hard and fast rules about what accessories you should get - It is a personal choice .


 If your daughter has not changed a shoe size recently it is probably better to wait until the end of February to buy the shoes.